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Service Policies

So, you've made it this far into our website, hopefully this means you are considering Eccentric Designs (ED) for your next project/celebration. We would like to personally "thank you" for considering us ... Three things you should know about ED include the following:

• ED provides the best in cutting-edge graphic design materials.
• Our goal as a Creative Professionals is to provide individuals, and small/ medium sized businesses with professional and innovative graphic design services.

• Our main objective is to meet your professional/personal needs in the most efficient way possible.



We accept all online transactions through PayPal. Please note that having a PayPal account is not required.




All digital stationery files ("printable" or "print yourself") will be forwarded to you via "Email". For items sent by mail, please expect it to arrive within 2-3 weeks from the day you approve your digital proof. Items are shipped from our design studio in Florida (USA) using the United States Postal Service unless otherwise noted. Shipping will be priced depending upon the size of the order.​


Refunds and Exchanges

No Refunds are offered at this time. Remember, buyers are paying for services which require time and effort from us. To ensure that your order is correct please examine your digital proof(s).​



Due to our personal schedule, primary communication and the transfer of files are handled primarily through Email. Be sure to check your "Spam" folders for any missed correspondence.

ED and Potential Client Responsibilities


• Providing the requested service/item.
• Respecting the privacy of all buyers and will never sell or trade personal information.


The BUYER is responsible for:

• Giving clear direction of service requested.

• Maintaining contact throughout the length of service time.
• Providing the information necessary to complete graphic designs (design details, desired text, images, etc.)
• Ensuring that provided materials do not impose on any copyright or trademarks that have already been established by another company or organization and cannot hold Latisha Horton liable if this proves to be true.



ED affirms that all designs are original (unless specifically noted). ED owns the rights to ALL designs created for the website/shop, blog and any freelance work (i.e. print and graphic designs, custom stationery, etc.). 


Premade Designs/Templates:

Please do not forward, share, sell, or redistribute any of ED's images - this is strictly prohibited. Premade designs, images, or templates are for personal use only. All rights remain with ED.

Custom Designs:


You, the client, have ownership of the final design for personal/professional use. Please do not forward, share, sell, or redistribute any custom designs - this is strictly prohibited. If you're interested in partnering with ED to create your own custom design which you would have total control for resell, etc. Then please contact ED via - email - for additional information regarding commercial license.

ED retains the right to use the final design(s), or any versions of the design created during the process, in printed and online portfolios, including but not limited to: website, shop, e-mail blasts, newsletters, advertisements, social media networks (FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+), etc. ED will not compromise the client's personal identity in any way when uploading a design(s) to various online media outlets.


Terms and Conditions

• ED is not responsible for errors made by outside vendors (such as Printers, Event Planners, Bakeries, Floral Shops, etc.)
• ED is not responsible for any claims or legal actions taken against any designs purchased.
• ED will not work on or produce any material that she identifies as inappropriate for family friendly atmospheres.

***Special Note: All items created by ED are restricted for personal use only where commercial re-sale is not allowed. If you are interested in using any of my designs for commercial purposes, please contact me via email and learn how!

By doing business with ED, you agree to our Service Policies. ED reserves the right to modify service policies at any time. Changes/updates will take effect immediately upon their posting on this website.


Last updated October 29, 2015

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