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Are you tired of spending loads of money at the Nail Salon for a simple manicure and/or pedicure? If so, I have the perfect solution for you - Eccentric Nail Decals! These adorable decals are a cost efficient way to add a little flair to your finger tips while saving you money.

Eccentric Nail Decals give you the "Salon" effect at a fraction of the cost. They're very easy to use and are a fun and unique way to spruce up your nails. So, what are you waiting for? Make a fun statement with your custom decals... the possibilities are endless!

♥  Nail Decals are NOT vinyl and/or stickers.
♥ Nail Decals ARE NOT sized to fit baby/toddler nails. Eccentric Nail Decals are for school-aged children and adults.
♥ Instructions on how to use Eccentric Nail Decals will be included with your order. 
♥ Nail Decals are shipped first class (within 3-5 business days) in a regular sized envelope.

Biggie Smalls (Notorious BIG) - Nail Decals

  • ♥ Spa Parties

    ♥ Party Favors

    ♥ Girls Night Out

    ♥ Bridesmaid Gifts

    ♥ Birthday Gifts

    ♥ Share With Friend(s)

    ♥ Mommy & Daughter Time and more!

    Please Note: 

    ♥ Nail Decals can be worn on natural nails/professionally pedicured nails. If the Decals are too large for your nails than trim them starting with the bottom portion of the image to retain as much of the image as possible.

    ♥ If purchasing the larger "full wraps" please note that several of the images are "large" these images can be trimmed down (to fit your nails) or used on your toenails.

    ♥ If you are having a hard time transferring your Decals to your nails, then please drop a note to us: and we will do our best to assist you with troubleshooting your issue/problem. Please do not be afraid to ask questions!

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