This adorable Tinkerbell Favor Bag Sticker design is a cost efficient way to create matching and personalized Favor/Treat Bags for your party guest(s). They're also a fun way to let your guest(s) know you appreciate their time for coming out to celebrate your momentous occasion with you.

The fun thing about this digital (print yourself) design is... it can be printed over and over again! Feel free to make as many Favor/Treat Bags as you please! Print recommendations and resources to purchase other supplies needed will be included with your order.

♥ This design is digital, which means all printing/cutting is up to you, nothing will be mailed/shipped to you.
♥ You will receive a 8" Sticker design, and it will be delivered to you via email in the form of a secured 8.5X11 .PDF sheet.
♥ Please forward custom text for your design (i.e. name/age) upon placing your order.

Tinkerbell - 8" Digital Favor or Treat Bag Sticker

  • ♥ Favor/Treat Bag Sticker designs are digital, which means all printing/cutting will be left up to you. Nothing will be mailed/shipped to you.
    ♥ Transferral of ALL digital files will take place via email, please make sure to check your spam/junk folders if your file(s) have not landed to your inbox within the 1-3 "business" days timeframe. 

    ♥ Your Favor/Treat Bag Sticker design(s) will be delivered to you in the form of a single 8.5X11 file (regular sheet), unless multiple stickers are ordered than you will receive a file with more than one page.

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